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The benefits of dog home boarding vs. kennel boarding.

on January 8, 2013

The benefits of dog home boarding vs. kennel boarding.

Home dog boarding has become a popular alternative to leaving a dog in kennels when going on holiday, attending a hospital appointment, or needing to be away for home for a day or two. It seems that as more people become familiar with this arrangement they recognize its advantages and choose dog home boarding over kennel boarding.

Most dogs prefer their own surroundings and are happier in that environment. Sometimes, though, this is not possible. At times of sickness or holiday or whatever unexpected situation might arise, home dog boarding offers an alternative. Dogs go to stay with experienced dog carers in the carer’s own home. The dog benefits from constant company, frequent walks, fun and games, and lots of attention.

Any time of separation between owner and dog can be difficult, and home boarding helps to alleviate that stress by making the environment for the dog as near to home conditions as possible.

What are the advantages of home dog boarding?

Being put in a kennel is a stark change of environment from a warm comfortable home and can cause a dog to become nervous and scared. Even the most laid back, chilled-out dog will find the loud barking, whining and howling distressing. Some dogs become so anxious they won’t eat which is very worrying if their owner is going to be away for some time. How much more calm and comfortable it is for a dog if he is just moved from one warm home environment to another.

The advantages of home boarding for your dog as opposed to using Kennels are that your dog won’t have to be confined, nor will he suffer from kennel stress. A dog home boarding environment is cleaner and healthier than a dog kennel boarding environment and there is far less chance of your dog contracting kennel cough or other dog to dog transmissible diseases.

Dog owners who use dog home boarding services are given the opportunity to select homes for their dogs to stay in that are located in their area. This provides them with the opportunity to meet with potential dog babysitters dog sitter in dog home boarding.

Home pet sitting is the preferable way to have your dog cared for whilst you are away as it provides a one to one type of care in a home from home environment. Your dog will stay in the boarder’s home getting individual care and being treated like one of the family.

Home pet boarding services offer dog’s individual attention, regular walks, trips to the park, and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the household.

Also any training you are doing with your dog you could tell the dog boarder about it and they will endeavor to continue to follow through with it. For example you may be training your dog not to sit on sofas etc.

A home dog boarder can also keep up with your pet’s regular routine — including eating schedules, walks, grooming necessities and daily exercise requirements — so your pooch has less anxiety while you’re away from them.

If your dog needs his pill medication at a certain time of day a pet boarder can provide that.

It’s not just dogs that benefit from dog home boarding, because the dog owners can relax and enjoy their vacation knowing their beloved dog is happy and is well look after while they are away from them. The stress of leaving a dog in kennels can be very overwhelming, but seeing a dog happy in a family home environment with all the home from home comforts is very reassuring.

Why some dog suffer separation anxiety in dog boarding kennels?

It’s important to realize anxiety often occurs with separation from a dogs owner is part of a panic response. Your dog isn’t trying to punish you for leaving him alone. A common scenario that can trigger separation anxiety is when a dog is accustomed to constant human companionship and then left alone for a long time in a boarding kennel. This is why dog sitting can be a much better alternative to boarding kennels because they have lots of companionship with the home boarder’s family and individual attention.

No separation anxiety with dog home boarding.

As pack animals, dogs can become very lonely, depressed and anxious, when left alone in a boarding kennel but left in the dog home boarding arrangement they are treated as part of the family (which they consider to be their pack.)

Also dogs live for the moment and as much as they love their owner, if they are given loving care and lots of attention from the carer they settle remarkably well in their temporary home.

Your dog’s individual needs catered for.

Most home boarding carers will invite you to come and visit their home with your dog before you leave your pet with them. This enables you to discuss your dog’s needs and and your dogs routine. You may want to let them know how much exercise you would like your dog to have, how much food your dog should be given, if there is anything that makes your dog nervous such as the vacuum cleaner or loud noises. You can let the dog sitter know if you want your pet dog on a lead or not when taken for walks, how your dog gets on with other dogs and anything else you wish to discuss. Home dogs sitters usually prefer you to bring along your dogs bed to help him feel more at home as well as his usual food and perhaps his favorite toys.

Many people say that when they collect their dog from kennels they are withdrawn and depressed, which makes them feel sad if not guilty, for having made their dog unhappy while they have been on holiday enjoying themselves.

The home dog sitters aim is for your dog to be happy and excited when he comes to stay, to be thrilled to see you when you return to collect him and for you to phone the home boarder carer later and tell him/her that the dog has settled in back home immediately and it was ‘as if  you had never been away from them.’


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